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Your Cloud Business

Cloud means different things to different people. IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon are all expanding their cloud services. Databases, CRM, emails, industry specific software apps are the leading application hosting investments.

Enterprises expect to improve technology quality on platforms & applications, help grow business and improve availability and better their business services.

Enterprises have on- premise private clouds or hosted private cloud integrated with Public clouds. Amongst top managed services enterprises expect are backup and Recovery, disaster recovery/site recovery, application development tools & platforms. It has been reported that the cloud equipment market will touch $79.1 billion by 2018.



Your Options today

It can be a daunting task for Service providers to pick their options and start their cloud services. Many resell Services and collect commissions on monthly basis. Those having the technical expertise and the investment power, build their own cloud and offer customized services to their clients.

Building your own cloud will require upwards of $100K in investments, technical expertise & understanding to pick the right technology and operational skills to run this business.

For many smaller servicer provider, they have to either lose their identity with their clients when they resell or really access the situation if they really have clients to justify a large upfront investment to build their own.

We have the Solution

Nuvolat offers white labeled, enterprise Class cloud infrastructure that you can put you name on and reap upwards of 70% margins.

Based on our robust, scalable and secure Cloud technology (or vRUN platform), you can spin your first virtual machine in no time. With support for VMware ESXI 5.5, industry standard 256 bit AES encryption, highly secure and high speed storage and DR features out of the box, we put you ahead of game.

We have partnered with Centrilogic, a leading SASE16 and ISO 27001 certified datacenter facility so you can cater to clients from any industry vertical may it be Healthcare, Financial or Legal. Equipped with multiple redundant bandwidth and power options, Centrilogic makes it a perfect hosting provider for your private or public shared environment.


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To Resell or not to Resell
Your Margins when Reselling Third Party Cloud
Your Margins while working with Nuvolat
To Build or not to Build
Your Investment when building your Own Cloud
Your Investment when working with Nuvolat



Nuvolat offers
Multi-Tenant, Secure and Scalable Infrastructure
Enterprise Class Technology Features
Our Technology, Your Brand
Hosting Services through Datacenter Partners
Live Migration Support
24/7 Technical Support
Easy Financing options
High Margin, Low Investment
CloudStart Marketing services included



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