26 Jan 2016

Power of HTML5

Many organizations have struggled with the cost and complexity of implementing Virtual Desktop platforms. Installing large Infrastructure to host all virtual desktops is quite expensive and complex. It would be fair to say that many VDI projectes have crashed over this cost. A hosted VDI or Desktop-as-a-Service (DAAS) is solving this issue completely by offering a cloud hosted desktop for a monthly fee.

All problems solved with Desktop-as-a-Service?

Unfortunately any DAAS still needs multiple devices that are used the access the individual virtual desktops. In quite a lot of cases, businesses use their normal desktop or notebook computer to access these virtual machines. This keeps IT expenditure at the same levels as before DAAS and even adds complexity by introducing software to establish the actual connections. With the introduction of the Google Chromebook line of products a lot of problems around costs and complexity have been addressed.

Google Chromebooks are designed to provide affordable computers that rely on a built-in browser to access applications and data in the cloud.  From an IT administration standpoint, Chromebooks are the ideal access device because there is no local administration needed, the operating system contains a built-in browser, and a minimal amount of malware targeting the Chrome OS reduces the need for security updates and anti-virus software.

Crucial to benefit from the Chromebooks or any other HTML5 browser technology is to have a cloud that is HTML5 ready. The Nuvolat Cloud is embracing the HTML5 technology completely and is equipped  with an HTML5 gateway allowing Chromebooks and other HML5 browsers to connect to virtual desktops and applications without the need to install additional tools or technology.

Adding this HTML5 gateway to the Nuvolat Cloud provides a true out-of-the-box experience, as it enables users with Chromebooks to access their desktops and applications directly through their web browsers.  Employees may bring in their Chromebooks or any other device that has an HTML5 browser on board and have access to their virtual desktops.  When a user with an HTML5 browser connects to the Nuvolat HTML5 gateway login page, he or she will automatically be presented with the virtual machines assigned to him or her and after selection the desktop will launch in a browser window.