See how easy it is to work with Nuvolat

The right Choice in just a few steps...

Our Sales Professionals are trained to walk you through our elaborate recruitment process at your own pace. From a quick introduction conversation to a deep diving into the single pane of glass demonstration, our team will unfold in front of you how you can maximize your profits when working with Nuvolat.

Step1: Evaluate our System

You can test the performance of our system as well as learn about the single pane of glass that orchestrates the cloud infrastructure by simply requesting an evaluation account. You can bring in your own line of business applications to test on our environment and make sure everything works to your satisfaction. All of that before you make any purchase decision.

Step2: Financing your Equipement

You can choose to self-finance your equipment or work with one of our selected leasing partners. Our partners work with you directly, providing you the best possible rates in a confidential manner.

Step3: Hosting your Equipment

On receipt of your signed Purchase Order, we can ship your equipment to a data center of your choice. You can also choose to host at our Data Center Partners. Our team will handle the logistics of installation, configuration and providing you with the login to your equipment when hosted at our partner Data Center location.

Step4: On-boarding and technical training

Our comprehensive on-boarding process will train your technical staff till they are confident in using the infrastructure.

Step5: OS Licensing

You have a choice to use our SPLA licensing for Microsoft Windows 2012, Windows 2008 as well as RDS CAL licenses. You can also chose to bring in your own licenses to use on the cloud infrastructure.

Step6: Migration Support

Our technical team offers help on live migrations of any existing virtual workload into your own Nuvolat Cloud Infrastructure. Our technical team makes sure you do not have to leave any of your customers behind.

Step7: 24/7 Technical Support

In case somethings goes wrong is is unclear, we offer Technical Support around the clock. We offer phone, email, chat and ticketing support.

Step8: Warranty Support

All equipment you have purchased with Nuvolat is offered with 3 years of warranty included. Our Data Center partners help us with the remote hands in case of emergency.

CloudStart Marketing Program

All eligible partner accounts will beĀ invited to a CloudStart Marketing program. Nuvolat will not only deliver and support your equipment, we will also kick-start your offering. We will create a comprehensive set of marketing materials including website and will actively reach out to prospects and turn them into hot leads for you to close.



All-in-One Program