See how the Nuvolat Cloud works

The Nuvolat Cloud gives you unmatched power and control over a highly available cloud computing infrastructure. You have the power of a true Enterprise Cloud at your fingertips for a budget that is even competitive with the most cost-effective mass public cloud offers.

Our superior architecture, feature-rich and intuitive web console give you access to exceptional processing power at a price that’s well below your budget. Capacity is available on demand and at the click of a button. Activate your package, and spin servers up in just minutes. Leverage fully integrated network, security and load-balancing features to tailor your environment and organize your virtual infrastructure using our full-featured console.

See the videos to learn how easy it is to create, configure and manage servers through our Global Management Console (GMC)


GMC is not just the UI but a complete framework residing on top of FlexCloud infrastructure. Unlike a traditional cloud management UI, GMC has its own gateway server which is provisioned locally at each data center OR physical location where FlexCloud infrastructure is installed.

This in turn makes GMC location independent management tool and allows it to manage multiple cloud stacks across different geographical location worldwide.

Gateway server is nothing but a piece of software that gets deployed on any windows machine, may it be physical / virtual at each datacenter and responsible to send required set of instructions to underneath local infrastructure and components like, compute, storage, network, hypervisor etc.


Master Resellers

Let us show you the general navigation via the master reseller control panel. This video will give you an insight in all available features and functionality.

The interesting thing on our GMC is that it can be rebranded to fit the needs of any of your Master Resellers. They can really turn this into their cloud.

Sub Resellers

The Nuvolat Cloud has a multi-tier architecture. Next to Master-Resellers, it is also aware of the sub-Reseller concept. Check out the next video to see how easy it is create and manage your resellers.



Also the actual end customer can use the GMC to manage and maintain his virtual resources. With the Nuvolat Cloud you will not have a complex group of independent tools. You will be able to manage every thing through the same UI: Your Global Management Console.

General Management

The Nuvolat Cloud user interface (GMC) allows any setting to be made. You can set anything from Firewall access for one of your customers or sub resellers to manage public IPs for any of the virtual machines on your cloud. Check out the next video to see how easy it is create and manage your complete cloud.




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