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26 Jan 2016

Power of HTML5

Many organizations have struggled with the cost and complexity of implementing Virtual Desktop platforms. Installing large Infrastructure to host all virtual desktops is quite expensive and complex. It would be fair to say that many VDI projectes have crashed over this cost. A hosted VDI or Desktop-as-a-Service (DAAS) is solving this issue completely by offering a […]

04 Dec 2015


No, the title of this article is not referring to some sort of chemical formula or code for your bank’s vault. It simply talks about Disaster Recovery and what Desktop-as-a-Service means for it. My IT infrastructure is full proof Most companies think that disaster only strikes next door. In the unlikely event of a disaster […]

25 Feb 2015

True Value of Cloud

True Value of Cloud is most often expressed in the opportunity to shift Capex to Opex. Although this is a massive advantage and very often the number-one reason for companies to embrace Cloud, there is more than meets to eye.   The easiest take and the true Cloud USP is a focus on the old Capex versus Opex approach. Adopting Cloud and […]

25 Feb 2015

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud: The Benefits Cloud and Server/ Desktop Virtualization are considered great value drivers. These new techniques are great for IT managers that want to keep a lock on their IT costs but want to unleash power, capacity and flexibility. So, can we consider Cloud as the solution that fixes everything? As always, things […]

25 Feb 2015

Cloud on Your Desk

“Cloud” is probably the most misused word in man’s history. If you have to believe commercials and relate product presentations “Cloud” is something that cleans your house, does the dishes and lets you watch television at night. Some more “down-to-earth” communications talk about “Cloud” as an on-demand market place for compute and storage resources. Although […]