247 NSI teams up with Nuvolat

to enter the Cloud Market

At 24/7NSI we have always been committed to our customers. We have assisted all of them in building and maintaining a solid IT infrastructure that grows along with their business. We very much feel that a lot of our customers would be benefitting heavily from a flexible and transparent Cloud Offering.

24/7NSI has carefully built all individual customer relations and we want to continue to work and think with our customers.   It would be unacceptable to offer a Cloud Service that would not meet our customer’s expectations or would remove all flexibility from their current way of working.” Ken Segal – CEO 24/7NSI – explains.

“For us it was clear that we had to have full control over our Cloud Offering and had to be in a position to define and shape our offering. “, Ken continues.

Obviously we could turn to the large Cloud Providers and start reselling their offerings but that was eventually going to push us away from the table. Reselling was indeed the easiest and fasted way into the market but it was also going to take away our control completely. Building our own Cloud Offering from scratch was our preferred choice but after carefully detailing the Bill of Material for this, our project came to an abrupt stop.

“We wanted to own our own Cloud Offering without braking the bank!” Ken states.

Keep Control High and Costs Low

When looking at the costs of building our own offering from scratch we were in for some unpleasant surprises. Not only did we look at some extremely large upfront investments, we also had to grow our team with some specific Cloud skills. Our team is extremely skilled in working and thinking along with the customer along the end-to-end project definition and heavily investing in a rather narrow niche was not going to work for us. It would have influence the price tag for our customers in a very unpleasant way. That is why we like to work with Nuvolat.

Our own Cloud Offering under our own brand and control

Nuvolat, a Cloud technology provider for Channel business is actually offering businesses like 24/7NSI to run their proper Cloud offering without actually having to invest in building from scratch.

Nuvolat has deployed large infrastructure stacks in various data centres across the US. With these infrastructure stacks they enable the IT channel to offer their private branded multi-tenant cloud.

“We were looking for an all-in-one offering that allowed us to continue the relation with our customers and kept the control on our side.

Our Cloud Offering includes highly skilled Tech Support

The advantage of working with Nuvolat is that they offer an enterprise grade infrastructure that exceeds many of the other offers out there. The Nuvolat offer delivers high performance and vast capacity all available in nice and easy way. This is perfect to support any workload your customers might require.

With the Nuvolat team our Cloud Offering was created with the least possible effort. The only thing we actually had to do was to give the “Go” and Nuvolat did the rest.

An additional advantage of working with Nuvolat is that they offer a vast support. We did not want to invest in very narrow, specific niche Cloud skills but realized we had to have access to these skills if we wanted to offer top service to our customers. Nuvolat is organizing all tech support for us and for our customers. The Nuvolat support team solves any issue that arises instantly. At no point in time does the Nuvolat tech support team step into the relation we have with our customers. They invest the issue, they create and they deploy a solution all respecting our 24/7NSI brand. In most cases the end customer is not even aware of any intervention. The Nuvolat support team actively monitors all workloads and acts upon hick ups long before they become issues.

Migration Services Included

Important for us was that we were able to migrate any virtual workload our customers already deployed into our own Cloud offering. Many of our customers have started moving some of their workloads into a variety of third party Cloud Services. Often with limited success. For us it was important we did not have to leave any of our customers or their workload behind and could move al of them into our own Cloud Offering effortlessly.

Nuvolat actively organized all migrations into our Cloud with the smallest possible downtime. This was allowing us to move all our customers into our own cloud and keeping a very efficient offering.

About 247NSI

247NSI was founded to serve as an outsourced IT department for companies which are too small to have their own IT staff. We assist the IT staff of larger companies when projects or other specialized needs require supplemental resources or expertise. 247NSI assists small to medium size businesses accomplish their goals by taking care of their IT and computing needs. From network design and implementation to workstation maintenance we take the hassle and guess work out of computing.



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