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Nuvolat will make You stand out from the Cloud!

Enterprise Grade

Your business needs functionality and scalability. That is exactly what Nuvolat offers. Our infrastructure provides you with unmatched flexibility and management and gives you the edge over other traditional cloud computing providers.  Nuvolat offers complete freedom to maintain native control of your infrastructure and clients.


We’ve built our infrastructure on best of breed enterprise grade hardware. Our complete stack – Compute AND Storage – are stored in multiple SSAE-16 certified data centers for maximum security and regulatory compliance. We also deliver virtual Firewalls and LoadBalancers. Everything you need to create a full-proof Cloud Offering.

All-in-One Program

Ever started to build your own Cloud Offering and got overwhelmed with all aspects that need your full attention? At Nuvolat we go all the way! We do not stop at the Infrastructure layer. We provide solid Cloud kick-start programs including marketing, support and any service you need to put your CloudOffering on the map and win Market Share.

Sounds Interesting?

Contact us and we will guide you through our program step by step. We offer evaluations and help you migrating any of your customers into your Cloud. If you would have any specific question, just shoot! We will be happy to think with you and offer the best possible solution.

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Your Own Cloud Offering.
Where to start?

Today every IT service provider wants to enter the Cloud market. Big analysts  predict this market to grow to slightly under $100 billion by 2020. Creating your own Cloud strategy, however is difficult. You will find our self investing in building your own cloud infrastructure and operating it to quickly conclude that you are way in over your head.


Even though Cloud services offer instant benefits to all clients, running your own cloud service that can differentiate and make you stand out is painful and many times have met with disastrous results.


We have solved that problem for you! Contact us and understand how we did this.

We are Unique in What We Offer!


True Enterprise Cloud!

We offer true, Enterprise Class cloud Infrastructure. Our Infrastructure Platform does away with all the previous generations of convergence. Where Convergence 1.0 is basically traditional infrastructure based on Dual-Controller systems and Convergence 2.0 is combining both compute and storage tiers in to a single appliance.

With Nuvolat you get Convergence 3.0 where you can scale your Cloud in two independent dimensions: Storage and Compute power. We offer a hyper scalable cloud that is capable of catering to any of your needs. Big or Small.

With support for enterprise strength technologies such as 256 bit AES encryption, expandable shared pool of high speed storage and backup and DR features built in out of the box. A single pane of glass that offers easy and convenient web based interface to orchestrate your cloud infrastructure tops the offer.

We put you ahead of game!

We go the Extra Mile to kickstart Your Offering!

CloudStart Marketing Program

At Nuvolat we excel in technology and Infrastructure platforms. We understand however that a successful product offering is more than just “a  technology”.  In order to be on top of the market you need a good marketing machine that is capable of converting cold leads in to happy and successful customers. You need marketing materials like brochures, flyers websites. But more importantly, you also need a good marketing team that actively reaches out to the market.


At Nuvolat we go the extra mile! We have a well oiled marketing machine that creates all the marketing materials you need. Tailored to your brand and your requirements. Everything included! We even go as far as making a product website for you. We advise you on the actual productizing, pricing and positioning of your offer. If you want, we even set up a complete marketing plan and reel in real customers for your offering.


With Nuvolat there is nothing stopping you from winning the game!

Worried about Migrating your existing workloads?

Technical Support Team

Often customers are reluctant to move to a Cloud platform because they are worried about the migration issues that this might create. Although Cloud is Cloud, not all Clouds are alike. Moving virtual machines from and existing platform to Your Cloud Offering might be hard and cumbersome, your customers think.

Moving a physical workload into your Cloud Offering might be close to impossible, your customers fear.


With the Nuvolat Support Team behind the scenes your customers can rest assured. Migrating any of their workloads is easy, fast and secure. The Nuvolat team will handle any migration on behalf of you.


In case you need any assistance or experience any hick-up, the Nuvolat Support Team is just a ticket away.